Amber Tally

Amber loves being a stylist and it shows. From an initial consultation to the end of a 3 hour color correction, she gives 100% to every service, every day. Her advanced training in technical cutting and classic and creative color techniques from Vidal Sassoon, Pivot Point and Wella allow her to create the perfect blend of trend and form. Amber’s skill translates to incredibly loyal because her clients know they will get exactly what they want every time they see her. She is an excellent detective, unraveling what her clients’ want, even if they can’t describe it themselves. An absolute perfectionist when it comes to natural-looking highlights, her blondes are unparalleled. Amber is a mother and a native Californian with an easy personality and a welcoming approach to both children and adults.

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Amber Tally: (415) 264-0626

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